Build wooden bugatti chiron

Bugatti chiron:
   The Bugatti is one of the finest and most expensive cars from the French company Bugatti to manufacture cars and some aircraft parts With a price of more than 2 million US dollars in the year 2019, the company has released a Bugatti watch that is the fastest and most powerful exclusive car in the history of the company.
   It is the car in the world in 2020 with a value of 3 million USD This made it considered the luxury car of the rich
   The Bugatti Chiron has 20 times the engine power of the Ford Fiesta Which made its engine the most powerful engine in the world This has prompted many car lovers to design matching versions from a variety of materials

How to make a  ugatti chiron wooden ?
Bugatti Chiron made of wood :
So, a group of young men made a wooden car, authentic from the Bugatti car, and used the following materials for this:
_ the wood
_ Bolts
_ Sticky glue
_ Lights
_ Carpentry machines
   This was very difficult and tiring work It took them a lot of effort and time to finish it, but the result was great
   They filmed all the steps they took and all the stages of the work in a video
   You can see the video here
   They managed to create a wooden log car that can walk and a driver can control it amazingly
   You can drive it and control the steering wheel as you wish And the result of their work was the car shown in the picture
   Although the car cannot travel very quickly, it is a unique piece of art
    And anyone would surely want to try it As you will see in the video, although it is made of a very light material, it is very tough and has great durability It bears even heavy weights, although its size is rather small and is intended for young people, but it was able to bear the weight of an adult man as you will see in the video during its experience before the completion of its manufacture and also during its experience after completionFrom installing all its parts and painting them with paint, to reach their final state If you liked the video, don't forget to press the like button And leave a comment, so we will continue to post these types of videos
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