Facebook advantages and disadvantages

Facebook advantages and disadvantages

The use of Facebook has many pros and cons, and this matter depends on how it is used by the user, and here are the most important pros and cons of using Facebook.

Facebook advantages

1-Facilitate communication with others

Facebook is considered a social media that enables the user to communicate with others as long as they have an account on it wherever they are located around the world, as it provides easy communication over the Internet without the need to use traditional methods of communication; Like landline phones, or regular mail, and so on, all it takes is to open the Facebook application via the user's computer or smartphone and start communicating with other users.

2-Access to news and developments in the world

Facebook or any of the various social media can be used to find out what is happening around the world without having to sit in front of the TV and wait for news bulletins, and the Facebook application can customize the type of news, or information, and discoveries that occur across the world according to the user's desire and preferences.

3-Learning and disseminating information

Facebook is one of the ways by which distance learning can be done in many fields, and education technology specialists believe that learning using social networks has multiple benefits, and Facebook is an effective way to quickly spread what the user wants to reach other users of all around the world.

4-Helping achieve goals

Facebook can be an effective tool to achieve one’s goals, and that is by joining, on this social media platform, to specialized groups whose members have the same goal as the user, and making friends with these people, which is positively reflected in one’s pursuit of achieving his goal within a group that encourages him. And reinforces his determination to reach that goal.

5-Make new friends

Facebook is a great way to meet new people from different places around the world and to form strong relationships with each other, and this feature provided by Facebook and other social media is one of the things that bring happiness to one’s life and makes it more exciting and fun.

6-Doing business

The Facebook social networking platform can be used by business owners to promote their various products, through advertisements and questionnaires that can be displayed to other users, as Facebook enables to define the target group in ads or questionnaires, and it can also be used as a quick way to communicate with customers. And collecting feedback from them on the products, or clarifying anything related to the user's business

Facebook disadvantages

The following are some of the negatives that accrue to the user after misusing the Facebook site, such as wasting a lot of time browsing it:

2- Causing depression and anxiety

The use of Facebook greatly negatively affects the user's mood and psyche. Therefore, people addicted to social networking sites are more likely than others to depression and poor mental health, in addition to what their addiction may cause by their feelings of frustration and anxiety, by following the accounts of other people that allow them to see the best part of their private life, which leads the person to worry if He began by comparing the negatives in his life with the positives that appear in the lives of other users, and to avoid feeling such psychological symptoms, it is advised not to use Facebook for more than half an hour per day.

3- Cyberbullying

 Facebook, like other social networking sites, can be a method for practicing cyberbullying (in English: Cyberbullying) on ​​others, as these platforms make it easy for some bad people to intimidate other users and practice verbal or other violence on them, as it is easy to hide the identity of the bully by creating it A false account, gaining the trust of others and bullying them afterwards, and it is worth noting that electronic bullying is not only practiced on children but may also be practiced on adults.

4- Limiting interaction with others

Facebook negatively affects the user's interaction with other people if he remains busy all the time browsing it in order to see notifications and likes and respond to comments, which leads to feelings of discomfort for other people sitting with him, thus avoiding sitting or interacting with him, and Facebook affects family relationships as well Studies indicate that using Facebook excessively leads to an increased likelihood of a life partner's desire to monitor what his partner practices on Facebook, which affects their relationship and causes disputes that may lead to the breakdown of the relationship.

5- Lack of privacy

 Facebook and social media are generally considered to pose a threat to the privacy of their users. This is due to the personal information it contains their own, which makes it vulnerable to illegal access by third parties, and the possibility of reusing users' photos and publishing them over the Internet, which may result in criminal problems.

6- Unhealthy sleep

Using Facebook for long hours throughout the day leads to not getting enough periods of sleep, as many specialized studies have indicated this matter. The user may open his phone before bed to browse Facebook quickly, but he quickly passes the time and discovers that he has spent a long time To browse without even realizing it; Therefore, it is advisable to remove your mobile phone from it before going to bed.

6- Waste of time

 Some users spend a lot of time browsing user profiles, exchanging comments, and likes without awareness or attention to the time that was wasted while doing so, and many people feel compelled to like, or comment on anything shared from their friends, which makes them They keep busy on Facebook for long periods of time without any real benefit.



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