Free Netflix Premium Account 2021 Legally For Lifetime– Secret Revealed


Hello, lovers of freebies. Today I will offer you an innovative new way to get a free Netflix account for life. After we previously Know  the explanation of subscribing to Netflix 30 days trial, today I will present to you a new explanation for the new year 2021 It will only take you a few minutes to get your first Premium Netflix Account for Year. This trick will not be told by any site. I   only have discovered this method, which always provides innovative ways to get free Netflix Premium Accounts

Without prolonged speech, we get directly into the subject

We all know very well that Netflix allows you to get a 30-day trial period in order to try the Account for free. But after the trial period ends, Netflix will not accept your card because you used the trial period available to you with the bank card

Of course, you will not be able to create another bank card because your country's bank allows you to obtain only one card with your personal information.


The trick here is that we will use two steps very easily and it will not take more than two minutes

  First method

Personally, I have been using this method since the launch of Netflix. Until now 3 years of using the Netflix service, I have not paid a single centime.

This method is:

Netflix Post Program

What is the Netflix Post Program?

It is a cooperation program between major companies in the market and Netflix, whereby Netflix gives free accounts to the customers of these companies so that Netflix gives free accounts to their customers in exchange for trying their products


Well, that's cool!!!


How did I join the Netflix Post Program?

Well, it is very simple and it will only take you two minutes to register for this program. Here are the steps

First, register on the Netflix post-program  From Here

Enter the email

Then choose your plan (number of months to watch 2 months or 6 months or 12 months)

Just try one of the products and you will get a free and instant Netflix account

The second secret method that I will share with you and it is a very cool and guaranteed method

 Visa Numbers


Visa numbers that I will give you free of charge. Each of these Visa cards enables you to get a trial period for an additional 30 days. Well, then all you will need is to do 5 minutes every month until you renew 30 days of fun and enjoy watching for free without paying any amount.

Of course, 5 minutes every month is not a hard job

  And to obtain the visa numbers, you must enter this site


However, this method will give you only one month and then change the visa numbers using the site that I shared with you

There are 3 basic plans that you can choose from and create an account on Netflix.

How to get a free Netflix account for 30 days

 At first I will suggest you use the easy way, which is to get 30 days for free on Netflix, and this without paying anything!! . The normal way is in case you haven't heard of it before. Is that registering for the first time on Netflix is ​​free and gives you a 30-day trial period? All you will need is to enter your bank card information. In the event that you do not have any card, I advise you to use the first method, which is to join the Netflix Post Program and try one of the products, and you will get your new account data for a whole year

 And you can if you have a bank card after the trial period ends, you can use another card with other information from the site that I shared with you in the second method. It is recommended that you follow the following steps in detail


1- First, log in to the Netflix website.


2- Once you enter the link, you will see a "JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH" button



3- Choose the Netflix Premium plan to be able to renew the period for more than 30 day



4- Enter your email and password to create a Netflix account


5- In the final stage, you will ask Netflix to enter your bank account information or bank card information. Do not enter any information here. All you have to do is get one of the cards from the site that you shared with you before and enter it in the required field and you will be able to get the trial period for free

Well, in conclusion, I will have shared with you two secret methods that 99% of people do not know

Follow my next articles, which will carry more secrets that are hidden from many

Goodbye, lovers of secrets



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