What if you only have $100 left?

What if you only have $100 left?


What if you only have $100 left but somehow you can still make over $100,000 this year


Yes that's right armed with something but still generating over $100,000 at the end of this year. Is this rocket science? No it is not. Anyone up to 12 years old can do it, all you need is a proven formula that shows you what to do and when to do it.


By following 3 formulas less than making $100,000 a year is no longer a dream. However, I must warn you first that what I am going to show you below is not a get-rich-quick scheme. During the last two years of my work on the Internet, I searched everywhere possible for a formula that could bring me $100,000 a night, and unfortunately there is no such thing.


So you have to make time to make this formula work, your perseverance will pay off when the time is right.


Formula #1 - Find your passion


Except that you are a very cold person, you need to do business not only from profits but from doing something you love as well. Because like or dislike, there will always be some problems while you work but if you are doing something you love, you will encounter it as a fun hobby.


Don't worry about the competition, there is always some competition in every area of ​​life. Besides, this is all marketing related to how to make profits from your competitors.


Your passion can be anything no matter how silly, just write down all your passion.


Formula #2 - How to find a profitable merchant who is eager to give you more money than your boss


If you don't have a product to sell and you only have $100 left, you need to take advantage of others' product. It can be as simple as joining a referral program. A referral program is the process of promoting other people's products and getting paid when someone buys through your link.


You can do some research on the merchant in your field who offers an affiliate program. All of them are free to join and will cost you nothing. If you find an affiliate program that requires you to pay, don't even look at it, it simply makes sense why you need to pay just to give someone money?


You can perform a search through the search engine using the go to offshoot catalog. For example www.affiliateguide.com


Formula #3 - Set up your online presence


Now you need to select the merchant you want to represent as an affiliate. Do not take more than 10 programs to represent it. Taking more than 10 programs will confuse you, and it will confuse your visitors who do nothing in the end.


It is better that the ten products complement each other.


Now that you have chosen the products, there are several ways to start promoting your product. You can create a website and place a product review that leads to a specific product you represent or you can set up a google adwords campaign and bid directly to the merchant website or you can place individual ads in an ezine that cater to your industry telling them about the affiliate product with your link embedded in.


If you decide to use google adwords, you need to be careful about the amount of money you spend. You must make sure that the amount of money you spend is less than the amount that you get. And so the same if you decide to use single ads.


I've seen few people make a lot of money with this, they have hundreds of ads on google. They pay a copywriter to create ads, set them up in 15 minutes and just sit back and collect money. Some of them made as much as $30,000 a month.


However I must warn you that what works for one person does not guarantee that it will work for others. So you need to know if the method is right for you or for


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